Looks like I'm done for a while anyway

[Post New]by BarbaraFish on Sep 16, 15 12:17 AM
I got the last of Kitar's belongings from the Fairy Glade. That makes the lighthouse function. Then had to kill 10 each of the spiders, undead, and lame dragons. After that the head mage opens a path through the eternal storm and the ships can leave.

So I don't have any more quests, but I do still have access to game play. I guess I can master those last two areas, try to complete the few collections that are left and open the 139 chests i have. LOL That will take some time.

He indicates there will be an update, so maybe there will be and not just a sequel game. Who knows. In any case I had 15 days of fun and got this game on a PCC so I'm a happy camper. Great game!

And thanks to the people who contributed to the forum. I always think it's more fun to have someone to share things with. Lord knows my hubby doesn't want to hear about it. LOL

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Re:Looks like I'm done for a while anyway

[Post New]by Hookedongamz on Oct 13, 15 8:11 PM
I too had a lot of fun playing this game. No glitches for me. Can't wait for the updates to come!

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