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My Opinion on one and two

[Post New]by lineck on Aug 31, 09 12:30 AM
Hi After finishing the Adventures in time I just had to download the first one. Here is what I though in comparision

I prefer the hint type in One as you can find extra hints. where 2 they find them for you.
Puzzles are great in both but a lot more in Two

Because of the puzzle element although a few were hard but both had skip I prefer two beause a lot more puzzles. Mind you I have not finished one about halfway.

I found the objects easier to find in one, just as well that the hint was unlimited as some items I could not find in two.

Well done developers Two is a winner in my top 5 1 is good but not as good so down with a few in my bottom drawer type games ..

Anyone that played One did you notice a picture of a young man in a lot of the scenes, wonder if that is one of the developers.


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