Help w level 2-5

[Post New]by icey33 on Aug 31, 09 8:41 AM
Can anyone help me try to get pass level 2-5. I am really stuck!!!


Re:Help w level 2-5

[Post New]by PRellim on Aug 31, 09 7:28 PM
Wait by the podium until you have 4 table of customers. Seat the old dudes first and give them a minute. Then seat the girls. That way they'll all be ready to order at the same time. While they're eating wait at the podium. Let everyone pay, then clear all then seat 4 new tables, old dudes first. Pick customers from the line that match the seats. Matching the seat colors and chaining (doing the same thing) will get you the expert score.

Hope that helps. I mastered mine. Now I'm woking on get the expert score on every level.

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