last nymph

[Post New]by david75 on Aug 31, 09 9:36 AM
i cant find the last nymph in shaehlir, i can´t pass the way to the castle before i get the last nymph


Re:last nymph

[Post New]by gingernissa on Sep 3, 09 6:44 PM
The only blessing that shows up in my items list is the Love Blessing, however I revisited all the nymphs and have received all their blessings except the nymph who happens to be the snow queen, yet I cannot get into the mountains.

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Re:last nymph

[Post New]by chambord on Sep 4, 09 2:54 PM
To get to the mountains you have to enter it the way you entered the first time. For the guards you can use curse from Gavin or Ean as a vampire to make them super weak. You also have to break the shield that is surrounding the city.


Re:last nymph

[Post New]by Smiley412 on Aug 16, 10 3:39 PM
The last nymph is the snow queen. you have to go to the land of the dead and find the squirrles. then you have to go to the mountains of remembrance to get a memory for the king of the land of the dead. then release the squriral and meet him either in the lost city or Thais. Then the squirrle will get rid of the shield around the snow queen's city. You then have to fight your way to the castle to get to the snow queen, beat her, and well... i'll let you figure out the rest. :-)

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