Is there likely to be a Finders 2

[Post New]by match3lover on Sep 16, 15 2:51 PM
Would snap up a Finders 2 if it's developed. Finders is a great game which is different every time it's played. Wish the facility to click off all the income & goods came earlier in the game.

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Re:Is there likely to be a Finders 2

[Post New]by LAndersen on Mar 1, 16 3:32 AM
I'm with you on both counts - a sequel and the "multiclick" function.

Every day I check BFG for new games, but it's mostly same old same old: match threes, grim HOPAs and the occasional run-around-like-an- idiot-removing-stuff-from-roads time management games.

So I find myself replaying my trusty collection of relaxing and entertaining games. And a Finders 2 would be a much appreciated addition.

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