Cant get brigd trophy

[Post New]by dkc1law on Sep 17, 15 5:00 AM
Collect every single product...ugg I have collected 120 of 122. I have played every level several times and then played level 10 of each restaurant switching food. I have seen in various form that the second restaurant has brochette and garlic bread???? i don't .also some forms mention 148 products and i only have 122 options. help please


Re:Cant get brigd trophy

[Post New]by Smittenbyblue on Oct 26, 15 6:44 PM
I went to every level playing the last round, example 1-10, 2-10, 3-10, etc. Changed the menu to the ones I didn't use on my first 9 levels. For example if you been using bagels, switch over to hamburger, if you use coffee switch over to soda, do that on every level 10 and you will gain Brigid. That is how I was able to get her as my Trophy. Good luck!


Re:Cant get brigd trophy

[Post New]by dannyboy222 on Oct 27, 15 10:52 AM
I played the whole game and then went back to find what I had missed so I could get the Brigid Trophy. The bruschetta and the garlic bread were the last things I found I had missed. They are located on the upper left counter - there was never an option there until I had used everything else. Not sure if that is how it was suppose to be or a bug?

Not sure if this was mentioned somewhere else but if you want to see what items you missed > click on the Forecast area and then scroll down and you can see all the different foods/items available for each level.

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