What/where is the "inner bailey"

[Post New]by misscheeveeus1 on Sep 17, 15 5:29 AM
I am stuck. Every time I use a hint it says, "I wonder what's behind those massive gates in the inner bailey?" but I don't know what or where that is. I have all the items to create the potion, but don't know where to take them to combine them for the potion. Is it maybe where the rotating pipes are? If so, what do you need/have to do to get the pipes to rotate to make a solid line to the containers? Nothing I've done will make them rotate.

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Re:What/where is the "inner bailey"

[Post New]by ganonsbane on Sep 17, 15 6:08 AM
I searched for inner bailey & found this: The inner bailey or inner ward of a castle is the strongly fortified enclosure at the heart of a medieval castle. It must be what we would call the Courtyard.

Have you been to the Graveyard ??? That's the 1st thing that I would think of as Massive Gates in the Inner Bailey.

You mix the Potion at the place with the Rotating Pipes. You can't rotate the pipes until you put in all of the Ingredients. You can only put 2 Ingredients into each Flask on the Left Side.


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