The mirrors in the court yard

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I am stuck at the mirrors, I can't figure out which way to turn the mirrors to shine on the wine goblet and the sword, which by the way is not there so where do I get the sword from and how do I get the lights to shine on it?

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Re:The mirrors in the court yard

[Post New]by jcsgame on Sep 20, 15 10:20 AM

---------------SPOILER ALERT----------------Page 41 of Strategy Guide

Be sure that you have fixed and hung the Tapestry on the metal support that is left of the King Statue.

Go back to the screen that contains a large tree/tree-house (on the left side of the screen). Near the base of the tree there is a large grey on it. There is your sword.

You must take the ORB from the King's hand, open it and take the red stone. That red stone must be placed into the sword by the tree-house. Once you do that, you can take the sword handle.
Place that sword handle on the King's sword.

After placing the grapes into the Goblet, you need to click on the building door that is to the right of the King. Use the metal hanging item to squash the grapes in the goblet.
Place the goblet into the King's Hand.

Use the King's picture (from you inventory) to adjust the King's statue to match the picture. You must do this before you try and adjust the mirrors.

I hope this helps you get past this area that you are stuck in. I cannot tell you exactly how to adjust the mirrors, you will have to do that trial/error, but it is not difficult. When adjusting the mirrors, watch where the end of the light is.

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