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[Post New]by deadheadpa on Sep 3, 09 4:42 AM
Why wont my game be saved?? Everytime, when I want to play, I have to start all over again. Very annoying. Specialy when I was almost finished with the game and to turn it on and have to start all over. .

Anyone have this same problem??


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[Post New]by finallady on Sep 5, 09 3:24 PM
I to have the same problem. How do i save my game?

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[Post New]by KitSeason on Sep 23, 09 6:39 PM
I was doing fine and was on the last level of the shallows - I've shut the game down on several occasions with no problem reloading to the proper level when I came back. Today however, all is lost. No profile, no levels. Sigh.

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[Post New]by Octopete on Aug 25, 10 12:36 PM
Ditto. Every time I boot up my computer, all of my profiles seem to just disappear. I tried a system restore to get my profiles back, and it worked, but they still disappear when I restart my computer. I think it may be a registry or a user privilege error, but I'm not entirely sure.


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[Post New]by minnesotamom67 on Aug 2, 11 6:41 AM
me too very annoying


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[Post New]by leslie2833 on Dec 21, 11 11:52 AM
so has any tech support responded to this????? doesn't look like it. this "glitch" has seriously affected my willingness to play this game, and i really enjoyed it.

i noticed after playing it in the beginning, the game slowed down to tortoise speed so erased & reloaded the game. that's when this problem started - after pulling back in.

tech support, please respond to these valid concerns.

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[Post New]by bfgHondo on Dec 21, 11 1:15 PM
Hi leslie2833 (and the others who have posted in this thread)

If you're having troubles saving your game, please give the steps in this help article a try:

Game Not Saving

If your game still isn't saving properly after completing those steps, please contact Tech Support and one of our reps will be happy to take a closer look at this with you.

Hope this helps!


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[Post New]by nivlem007 on Jan 15, 13 1:37 AM
BFGHondo, I am waiting for reply to this problem. It really is a big nuisance and very annoying. They should have checked this out before release.

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