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[Post New]by meme2222 on Sep 20, 15 1:56 PM
This is a strategy gameplay. The instructions are not clear because of the bad English but you can read in-between the lines and figure most of it out as you go. Too bad it doesn't have help section to go over all the professor's instructions as you get them throughout game but cannot pull them up to review later. You just might have to use items from shop and figure out what they do as you use them. As the architect you have to place blocks in outlined grid without blocking off any section which will be marked with a red x if you do.
Too many red x's and you fail level. This requires good strategy and patience as you wait for a certain block which may be the only one that will fit. In the meantime try to find a place for all the blocks as they come. I found that it will not drop a block unless there is a place you can put it safely but it is up to you to find the correct place. They also have gameplay where you must destroy the building instead of building it. The only section you have to destroy is the green blocks to pass level. Don't waste a lot of time destroying other sections or you will run out of time. Concentrate destroying only sections to get you to green blocks and completely destroy them to pass. That means you must block off sections to destroy, which is the opposite you want to do in the building game. Sometimes in gameplay a bonus star which will help you place blocks or material icon will pop up to place your brick over them. Lots of times the block falling will not fit properly over the bonus without causing a mishap so choose wisely.

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