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Tech Issue-Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent and Windows 10

[Post New]by teow7 on Sep 20, 15 7:27 PM
At first, this game wouldn't "come up," or display, but the title showed up on my Task Manager as currently "running." Furthermore, I couldn't stop the game from running (from Task Manager-I couldn't get to it otherwise), and had to turn off my computer. The game running as it did kept me from doing anything else with my computer, which is why I finally turned it off.

I've followed (most of) the instructions on the "Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen" page and now the game doesn't even attempt to start.

The one instruction I am unable to follow on the tech support page states that I should opt to "disable visual themes," and "disable desktop composition." Neither of these options are available in my settings. The only options I have available are:
-Reduced color mode
-Run in 640x480 screen resolution
-Disable scaling on high DPI settings
And run this program as administrator, which I did check.

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