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Other games like this one?

[Post New]by begwood1 on Sep 21, 15 10:51 PM
I enjoyed this game so much -- it was a beautiful balance of a compelling storyline, great puzzles, and creepy atmosphere. Everything about it was well-executed, even the voice acting, and It really exceeded what I expect from the casual games at Big Fish. I like puzzles and inventory problems more than hidden object, but if the HO scenes are creative enough I like them too (loved the fossil-matching puzzle in this one). Scary atmosphere and beautiful graphics are a big plus.

I've already bought Cadenza because it's by the same developer and the reviews are so good. Can anyone recommend other games of a similar calibre? For reference, I've also enjoyed the last Ravenhearst game, the first Phantasmat (the others haven't measured up IMO), and Mysteries of the Ancients: Black Water. Which of Madhead's games are the best? Are there games from other developers that match up?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Re:Other games like this one?

[Post New]by KatranMoiety1 on Feb 7, 16 1:20 PM
Try : "The Emptiness". Pretty good and atmospheric.

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