Re:making the tea

[Post New]by twoson on Sep 5, 09 12:11 PM
I am stuck at the same spot. The walkthrough says to put the cup and pitcher on the bar and then add water to the cup and bring the cup to the table. The bar won't accept the cup or pitcher and the table won't accept the cup until the bar area has been used. Any help out there?

It looks like you add the leaves at the table to the cup. I tried all different configurations and am still stuck is it the program or user error?

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Re:making the tea

[Post New]by lordkalvan on Sep 5, 09 12:18 PM
The way I did it was to click the teapot, then the cup while they were still in my inventory. Then I clicked the tea leaves and then the cup. Finally I put the cup on the table.


making the tea

[Post New]by s1dever on Sep 5, 09 1:25 PM
eres_ wrote:ok,...i have all of the tea leaves, the cup, and the pot. the two things on the table will not accept anything that I do. what am I doing wrong? I am stuck!!!

you have to drag the leaves to the tea cup, then drag the pot of water to the tea cup, then put the cup on the table, it might not be in that order, (I forget the order) but drag everything into the tea cup first,


Re:making the tea

[Post New]by Ladyinpink607 on Sep 7, 09 11:46 AM
Drag the pot to the cup, then drag the leaves to the cup. Then you should be able to put the cup of tea on the table.

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