My persons depressed- can you help?

[Post New]by emilee2011 on Sep 4, 09 2:21 PM
Hey guys(:
well im on my first generation, and i keep rejecting marriages, so i can marry rich, and really not a poor person.
Ive played this before but i started over. I give Eva (the woman) candy, and phraise when i can, and shes still depressed. Pleasehelp! (:


Help with depressed little people

[Post New]by hortisa26 on Sep 4, 09 3:56 PM
The fastest way to make your little friends happy is to buy them house upgrades like new sheets or a birdhouse and don't keep rejecting the proposals because they will stop coming eventually.... In the next generation when your litlle people have passed on, you can try and marry rich or whatever. Buy your little person a new outfit from the store and try buying a grocery item from each category at the same time and then give all four bags to your little friend at the same time. Other than buying them an upgrade for the house or groceries, you should marry your little person soon before it's too late! No one likes to be alone....

Hope this helps.....

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Re:My persons depressed- can you help?

[Post New]by erincecily on Sep 4, 09 4:35 PM
does your person want kids? if she does, she's lonely, so you should let her marry soon! welcome to the pond, emilee and hortisa!

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Re:My persons depressed- can you help?

[Post New]by lorie56 on Sep 4, 09 11:26 PM
Do not buy the items in the store that your peep doesn't need!!! It's better for the peep to be depressed than you because your peep is broke and you can't buy the things she needs like groceries or medicine. You can get the bathroom upgrade, sheets, etc. when your peeps have more money and can afford them.

Depression won't kill your peep. When I was going for the trophies for the dirt smudges and socks I kept my adult and teenage peeps depressed on purpose. Eventually they got over it on their own. If it bothers you, though, praise her for the things that are important for you that she be doing - working on her career, preparing a meal, taking a shower, as examples. Don't praise her for everything or she won't know what she really is supposed to be doing. She'll be doing all of it and that means she'll be working at her career less.

Give her the candy and the fruits. Also have her pick up collectibles.

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Re:My persons depressed- can you help?

[Post New]by F3rris00 on Sep 5, 09 12:45 AM
try quitig the game for a few hours also. When you come back they will probably be over it

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