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skip button

[Post New]by EYANNA on Sep 5, 09 12:52 AM
iam trying to skipthe dichiper game but my skip button must not be working so it keeps going back to the dicier the ruins


Re:skip button

[Post New]by Game_Fearie666 on Oct 5, 09 8:55 PM
Might be a bug because the skip button doesn't work for me, either.


Re:skip button

[Post New]by loot_baba on Aug 1, 10 11:37 AM
i can not skip the mixing of wolfs blood etc


Re:skip button

[Post New]by Smoke_w on Sep 5, 10 4:36 PM
i cannot skip the wolf's blood either, and, as a chemist, i resent the implications about not being able to draw off the human essence once it has been produced...

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