campgrounds level53

[Post New]by dentes on Sep 23, 15 6:46 PM
I like this game .... not gold star on every level, but 53 has me hung me up. Can't figure out how to balance the right points for Eco and happiness. Anyone have a suggestion?


Re:campgrounds level53

[Post New]by dancemom2 on Oct 24, 15 10:03 AM
I just passed it!

Build factory and clear sticks/dig treasure first.
Make 1000 supples and clear more sticks
buy 1 worker
build Villa in the spot above the worker's house
scare monkey at the top to open up a building site
wait for $5000 to make 1000 supplies.
Build second Villa
make supplies and upgrade villas to 2 stars each
*use any down time or waiting time to scare monkeys. Always scare monkeys, not shoot them in this level.
buy 1 parking spot.
continuously make supplies
build volleyball court
buy 1 parking spot
stop making supplies for one "day" to make sure you have $6000 for a greenhouse
continue making supplies and seeds
build bridge and begin to clear that path/dig treasure
plant 1 tree and 2 ponds as you have enough seeds.
add 2 workers when you have enough funds
build pool on the "pre-bridge" side of the game.
build ice cream stand on the bridge side of the game
do not chop down the tree.

I finished about 85% of the way through the last day. Good luck!

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