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Level 43 help?

[Post New]by stratacatQ on Sep 23, 15 7:30 PM
This one is driving me nuts! Can't even finish for silver?! I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.....any help out there?

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Re:Level 43 help?

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Sep 24, 15 10:21 AM
Hello StratacatQ.

Level 43:

( This level is easier if you keep a rough eye on the amount of products you have made and bought, but isn't essential)

Sell 1 pig before the others have even landed.

Buy 10 buns and 2 parrots.

On return update the store and truck..

Sell 4 made burgers and the ferret.

Buy a cat ( you can buy the feather factory first if you like, but the cat was useful) and then the feather factory.

Buy 10 buns and 5 cloth

Upgrade store. (You may have to do this sooner to accomodate things).

Around this time you should have made your burger quota. Sell the pigs with or after you have sold 20 burgers.

Buy another 10 buns ( or less if you have less meat, but I always had more and 5 cloth.

Update feather factory twice more.

Buy 10 cloths ( and then any extra buns if you want to, if not just sell spare meat) And start to upgrade each of the factories in turn.

You should have quite a bit of time to spare.



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Re:Level 43 help?

[Post New]by romeome on Jan 9, 16 1:09 PM
Thank you Jojo, finally got it with your help.

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