Could it be a glitch?

[Post New]by faypyre on Sep 6, 09 12:09 PM
Well my youngets sprout will not age past 3,and her stats don't go down.
Also like when I use the shootin star,it stays on the ground after I pick it up.Or the kite stays aloft after I remove the sprout.

But my worst prob is that I can't make new sprouts.(I have 6)But I have the 12 sprouts award?
Is it my cpu. or the game? thanx in advance...

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Re:Could it be a glitch?

[Post New]by amberof2 on Sep 10, 09 7:28 AM
sounds like a little of both... I did post something to the first thread about the eggs though, check there to see if it may be your issue.

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