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Deep Quest Level 6 - Defence of Coral Sound

[Post New]by Farhanul on Sep 6, 09 10:12 PM
Level 6 is Quiet hard and i need peutetre's help so if you are watching please help.


Re:Deep Quest Level 6 - Defence of Coral Sound

[Post New]by lollyleah on Dec 25, 10 6:14 PM
With one scout king and eventually 2 turtles this level is impossible, why it wont allow you to get gnomes and soldiers I dont understand, the attack from the enemies is relentless..... grrrrrrr

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Re:Deep Quest Level 6 - Defence of Coral Sound

[Post New]by peutetre on Mar 11, 11 1:52 PM
First, move your healer closer to the fortress so she doesn't accidentally get killed.

Then you need to build up extra firing towers, starting with one on each side. Keep adding them as you can but repair any that get damaged to try to maintain.

Then you can do one of two strategies: The first is to wait until about 8 turtle have shown up and move them to the fortress. Leave the Captain back at the fort--he's the only one that matters if killed. You can select the others and move them to start destroying the buildings one by one.

The other strategy that I find kind of fun is to just beat the whole level with towers. You have to build towers every couple of screen inches leading from the bottom edge up to where the enemy buildings are. When an enemy starts to follow, just lead it through the maze of searing towers until its dead, then go back to building more towers. The towers will fire on the buildings until they're gone.

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