Re:Where is the baseball???

[Post New]by absolutrebel on Oct 4, 09 8:26 AM
I couldn't find the baseball either, but I got through the level by replaying the 2 screens until I knew where everything was. They don't give the same list for replays! It took 3 replays before I got through.

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Where is the baseball???

[Post New]by cll1950 on Oct 5, 09 2:53 PM
loveithere wrote:I have no hints left and I cannot find the baseball. Merlin keeps popping up alllll the time...geez. I am getting too too dizzy, but, want to know where the baseball is. Can someone please tell me where the baseball is so I can move on...Thank you

I couldn't find it either, so I used a hint that showed only the top of the circle in the bot. right. I clicked enerywhere onthat part of the screen. It turned out to be under the banner that holds the word list. Cute huh?

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Re:Where is the baseball???

[Post New]by dpjane on Jan 29, 11 9:59 PM
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