Level 50

[Post New]by Pollykat on Sep 7, 09 7:20 PM
I've tried Level 50 so many times I've lost count. I get confused with all the orders and have tried it without Cookie, with Cookie, only concentrating on the customers at the table, trying and not trying to keep people from leaving the line and I can't win. Any suggestion is desperately needed.




Re:Level 50

[Post New]by Rosejohn on Sep 11, 09 2:43 PM
I have the same problem. Only can reach 13000 or so. Help????

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Re:Level 50

[Post New]by sharonatoo on Sep 11, 09 4:30 PM
Pretty much the same problem here. I have gotten pretty close, within about 100 points but I can't close the gap. The best I can offer is to try to memorize orders so that you can get things cooking before they ask for it. That works for me at the beginning, I can keep it altogether until about the last row and a half of customers. I just can't make them happy. I have not been using hot sauce, I keep forgetting, not enough time to think about it. Maybe that is the answer.


Re:Level 50

[Post New]by lorid2001 on Oct 7, 09 12:08 PM
I've finished level 50 and was sad that ended the game. It took me two times but I just kept up with the orders. Don't throw food away, the warming stands are really useful here because they order the same thing over again. Good Luck!!


Re:Level 50

[Post New]by ozzfest36 on Oct 13, 09 2:51 PM
I finally finished it too.you have to watch everything such as color matching,taking food off before its overcooked fro perfect cooking bonuses,seating the directors befroe they make too much noise ect.It takes a while to get every thing right but hang in there.

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