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Teleport Hit and Miss

[Post New]by twin_mom on Sep 7, 09 7:28 PM
My daughter and I love Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molton Mystery. Just one thing has us baffled. Sometimes we are unable to go through the Teleport. Is there something we need to do to trigger it first?


Re:Teleport Hit and Miss

[Post New]by gtmoore on Feb 12, 10 11:45 PM
I love this game also. Some of the levels are extremely difficult though. Teleports may not allow you to go through if there is something blocking the other side. Also, if you are using a portable teleport, both pieces have to be in place in order for the teleport to operate. (Well, of cpourse. Otherwise where would you go?) If the teleport is not blocked on the other side, and you still can't go through, check the solution. If you can't do the same moves, THEN there is a problem!

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