Freezing on Ipod

[Post New]by 1Scarletangel on Sep 8, 09 1:07 PM
GRRRR! I downloaded this game because it is awesome! But everytime I get past the dining room, and try to go to the next room, it kicks me out and back to the main screen. I noticed after, that some of my other games started doing the exact same things! Virtual Villagers 2, AND both of my Yard Sale games are now doing the same thing


Re:Freezing on Ipod

[Post New]by 1Scarletangel on Sep 8, 09 1:14 PM
I don't understand this, because when I first downloaded the games they worked fine. now all of a sudden one freezes and won't even go to the first page, others you can get past the menu, but crash shortly after, and yet the titanic I can do the first room, then crashes!!!ARG!!!!!I've deleted them off my iPod, and tried to re-download them, but it hasn't changed anything,.,

Any help would be wonderful!

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