Fun Game, But....

[Post New]by BethnJulia2 on Sep 9, 08 8:07 PM
I loved Fashion Apprentice. I really like putting together the outfits for the most points. Only problem was that it's much too short. It didn't take me so long to finish.


Re:Fun Game, But....

[Post New]by destiny10194 on Sep 19, 08 8:00 PM
Yea, same here. I wish that it was a bit longer.


Re:Fun Game, But....

[Post New]by flossy415 on Sep 28, 08 6:09 PM
it wasnt worth the money i paid for it at all. i finished it in an afternoon.


Re:Fun Game, But....

[Post New]by BethnJulia2 on Sep 28, 08 8:02 PM
sorchasfire wrote:i thought it was a fun twist on hidden objects games. liked the bright campy settings. my biggest frustration was dressing your character. you could buy skirts but no tops to go with them?! did i miss something there? was there someplace to get the tops? if not that was a really stupid slip up.

too bad folks are saying it is a really short game, too. i might actually have bought it. but a couple hours play is just not worth the money.

I noticed that too, no blouses or shirts. What's the deal?

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Re:Fun Game, But....

[Post New]by csurles on Oct 6, 08 11:25 PM
This was a cute spin on real Hidden Object games, but too short & a poorly executed concept. This game was so not worth purchasing.


Re:Fun Game, But....

[Post New]by disgruntled_girl on Jan 23, 10 8:00 AM
I found this game to be very unforgiving on the clicks. Like blowing 5 clicks on an object, only to use a hint at the end to find out you were right - it just didn't like where you were clicking.
This game actually takes that to an extreme.
This was a fun game.

However when you go shopping, leave and come back to get blouses. Really, you have to buy a skirt, leave, come back - look more items.
As you can tell from this thread - a lot of us had nearly topless models running around.

The premise and story were fine. But the "pixel only" clicks will wear your patience down.

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