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building sales

[Post New]by bbeaver1946 on Sep 8, 09 7:18 PM
does anyone know what triggers the game to offer a building for sale?

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Re:building sales

[Post New]by m5dbug on Jan 25, 10 10:27 PM
it's gonna periodically try to sell a house so you can buy it after all you are the player and you do need the property.

it's also gonna sell a house when you try to sell a house.

it's both friendly and cruel at the same time.

there are 2 things you can do buy the property before an offer is made on your house other wise you'll never get what you want for your house and yes the game always gets it's full asking price.

2 if you have the mon ey and you really don't want and don't need the house up for sale and you really want to sell your house. then go low ball or offer less to the game's house for sale. it will always refuse to accept your offer it will also take it's house off the market making your house the only house on the market.

if you are at a level where the mayor is asking for empty lots then yeah, sell the lots and get your 25g's return on your loss. then every time a lot pops up go low ball and the competitor the game will disappear.

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