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Stuck on 18

[Post New]by oldcaptain on Sep 9, 09 4:24 AM
I just can't seem to get the right timing for this level - any tips?

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Re:Stuck on 18

[Post New]by TxConnie on Sep 9, 09 8:10 AM
Keep in mind I have the manager that gives you two extra tenants.

I built a modern apartment( MA) across the street and to the right of my company HQ.
I then bought the empty lot and also built a pizzaria next to the MA I just built (Build it so it will cover four properties).

Make sure you click on an specials at the pizza place as they come up and upgrade the MA as fast as you can.
When you have the money, build another MA. Make sure the pizza place covers it.
I just continuted building and upgrading as fast as I could.

At one point you will have plenty of money and I bought some of the cheaper properties as they came up, but only after I had built the 4 MAs.

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