Level 49

[Post New]by mcduff1944 on Sep 28, 15 4:41 AM
Am I an idiot or is there something I am missing .
I can get to 3 ropes and two keys but no further.
the keys don't unlock the lower part of the level. Also I cant find the fourth rope.
Any one help ?????

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Re:Level 49

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Oct 12, 15 11:02 PM
Welcome to the pond!

It seems as if the game length may vary depending on how fast you get the scenes built or something else. I'm wondering if you're stuck on the puzzle where you have to tie down the 4 levers with the ropes so the crystals all stay down. Late in the game the puzzles can't be done all at once. You have to do what you can and then go back to the M3 board and look around because it will give you more stuff for the puzzle after you've put in the first few things. Then you go back and install the next things into the puzzle. Sometimes the objects you need will be in the HO scenes. Hope that helps.

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