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New Chocolatier 4 Game.

[Post New]by 123Deano on Sep 28, 15 9:09 PM
After much searching, I recently discovered that BigSplashGames, the developers for the 1st three Chocolatier games has gone out of business a few years ago, and Mr. Jon Blossom, the lead developer, now supposedly works for NASA.
Therefore, It's up to BigFishGames, or PlayFirst, to develop a Chocolatier 4 game for PC.
Everyone who wants a Chocolatier 4 game should flood BigFishGames and PlayFirst customer services with requests for the game.
Hopefully, if they get enough requests for the new game, they will start working on something.

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Re:New Chocolatier 4 Game.

[Post New]by mildliney on Jan 13, 16 7:22 AM
((( pls

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Re:New Chocolatier 4 Game.

[Post New]by bfgWaimea on Jan 13, 16 8:17 AM
Hi 123Deano and mildliney,

The Chocolatier games are no longer available on our site due to contractual obligations with the developer. Regardless of the developer's status, Big Fish Games only acted as a distributor for this series of games and has not currently or previously retained any rights to develop the series.

If you did enjoy the Chocolatier series, I do encourage you to browse our Time Management Games page, as we do currently provide games that are similar and hopefully just as enjoyable.

Since this thread is not specific to Chocolatier, I'll go ahead and lock it. If you have any additional questions, you're always welcome to contact any of the Mods.



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