screen flashes when I try to play this game

[Post New]by TheCatniss on Sep 29, 15 6:41 PM
has anybody had this problem where you try to play the game and the screen flickers and is unplayable? This is the second game I've had this happen with. I'm running windows 10 on a PC.

Thanks in advance if you know of a way to fix this

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Re:screen flashes when I try to play this game

[Post New]by BadWhippet on Oct 11, 15 5:18 AM
Same here. It's flashing and flickering right from the first logo and into the game - so badly that we cannot bear to look at the screen.

I've tried every compatibility setting so far (from Windows 10) to get this running on my mom's new laptop. Her AMD drivers are fully up to date. I've even tried manually altering the Game.ini file settings manually. Nothing works. This one might become a refund request as I only bought it for mom (it's not a game I would play).

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