Last Tiki cant find

[Post New]by neil2jo on Sep 11, 09 3:58 AM
Hi, follow the guide and for love nor money cant find it. I have all the stars on the games and seem to have completed the games and yes completed both sides of the 'match the 3 symbols' (classic and challenge). The card game shows as complete although in the highest level you have rounds how many are there?
Mini games show as 33 of 38 but i have rechecked and they all seem done.
I have find games on the boat, temple and near the bird area, match 3 sysmbols, soduko, plant field game, card game is ther eany others?
The missing tiki is the second to the right at the bottom/or 4th from top in clockwise direction
puzzle is 97%, all jewels found

Does anyone have ideas for this missing tiki
or is there a mini game i have missed to get the last few completed...all games show as full stars


Re:Last Tiki cant find

[Post New]by splendidad on Jun 7, 10 3:48 AM
i have same problem, with same score!
where is last tiki , please?

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Re:Last Tiki cant find

[Post New]by Gembirdie on Sep 25, 10 7:20 PM
Same thing here. When you look at the walkthrough, the location of only nine tikis are given. The last tiki is nowhere. All the challenges, games, etc. are done, but without the last tiki, the game has no ending. And my progress report also shows that I've done only 33 of 38 games.

I must conclude that this is a glitch. Too bad, it was a nice game (except for the hidden object minigames that were really boring and too easy), but I'm disappointed that I can't finish it.

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Re:Last Tiki cant find

[Post New]by Poliwird on Sep 29, 10 9:50 AM
Gembirdie wrote:I must conclude that this is a glitch.

Or, you can look for that last game you haven't found yet. Have you completed all five hidden object locations? There are two in the temple.

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