Help getting 100 attendees in Day spa

[Post New]by ladone on Sep 11, 09 7:13 AM
Why am I having trouble with this? I did finally get up to 99 but then when I restarted it, I can't get any thing close to that again...what am I doing wrong?
Sorry don't remember the level it is on

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Re:Help getting 100 attendees in Day spa

[Post New]by margeryk on Sep 11, 09 9:45 AM
Hi Ladone,

There is a thread that addresses this issue. It think it is called "attendance at my spa". It is on the second page. Hope it helps. GL


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Re:Help getting 100 attendees in Day spa

[Post New]by Sante001 on Sep 12, 09 2:52 PM
Level tip: You can only get attendee credit if the build is supported by the spa. Buying buildings that are not highlighted by the spa will not count. Build the day spa on the middle lot.
Level tip: After upgrading all high rises 3-stars, add palm trees all around.
Level tip: Purchase and construct a building (Pizzeria) to earn money.
Construct at least 5-high rise apartments around the spa. Construct a high rise and a Pizzeria immediately so that you can start earning money (top lot or middle row where you will also build the spa). Demolish the row in the middle of the middle row. Here you will build a high rise and the spa.. You should have 2-3 high rises on the top row right above the spa. 1-high rise in the lot in the upper left hand corner. 1-2 high rise apartments on the bottom row. You have to upgrade all 3-stars. Add plam trees around all the apartments in any space available to earn money.

-- GL.

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