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What's to Come For Thanksgiving?

[Post New]by ChestnutHeights on Sep 30, 15 4:08 PM
I did a little research on what happened during Thanksgiving 2013 (there was no 2014). Thought we may be able to piece together what the event may look like..

NOTE: I did not include where the collectibles are located. There are a few other threads out there with this info

Will be interesting to see what's different, if anything, this time around.. And to help prepare.

-- Event started Nov. 14th
-- There are 17 quests
--Event involved playing some mini games, or opened them level 18 (porcelain restorer,philip's, art studio)
-- Event opened up mini- games level 18)
-- Receive Ran for completing 7 quests
--The first Thanksgiving quest was to show the pilgrim around town in Paw Paw.
--The second quest was to get lights and decorations up in that area as well. Each one cost over 40.000 coin.
-- Another quest was to show pilgrim around Dinhammer Alley (maybe 3rd?)

If I find more I'll post.. funny thing (well, not so funny) in the matter of about 1 week they had to have 3-4 updates just to fix the bugs right before the event. In ONE day they had 2 updates-- crazy..

OK.. Feel free to speculate and chat and plan
-- Collectibles were dropping 100% of the time. Others report only 50% drops
-- Another quest was to customize the antique shope (note: this cause some problems with not getting credit-- the key was to skip the quest by paying gold?)

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Re:What's to Come For Thanksgiving?

[Post New]by jbmf_06 on Sep 30, 15 4:40 PM
Hey Chestnut where do I find where to find the collectibles?

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