Any tips on beating last level?

[Post New]by Anonymous on Sep 10, 08 12:44 PM
I have been playing the last level forever. I cannot get above 80 - 82%. I have the highest marketing, super low prices, and have tried all different combinations of goons. Any tips?


Re:Any tips on beating last level?

[Post New]by rina_n_lexie on Oct 11, 08 3:39 AM
Some things I've noticed that might be helpful:

*Setting your profits too low won't increase your popularity by that much. Customers seem to be happiest if I have a profit of 10 beans per potion, and adjust it with each change in supply cost.

*Spend money on advertising. Spend lots of money on advertising. Even if 80% of the town thinks you're the best shop in town, if you're not spending at least $150 on ads, your popularity will be at a standstill.

*The only goon that seems to have any reliable effect at the latter end of the last level is the giant baby. It will actually keep the customers out of the other store.

*The goal is "drive competitors out of business", but really, once you get rid of the first two, the goal should be "get a net worth greater than Sneersworth". Making a tiny profit dragged things on forever. Once I set out to make a profit and increase my net worth, I noticed that Sneersworth's net doesn't actually stop increasing (or declining very, very slowly) until your net passes his. Then his net starts dropping like a rock. Even if he's only getting two customers a round, I've had no success until my net passed his.

*Upgrade fully. You're not going anywhere without the top potion maker and entertainment, and you can't keep up with potion demands if you don't have the best warehouse.

*Don't run out of potions! I've found having enough on hand to make 70 of each works well for me - and I've still run out on occasion. Just keep the supplies on hand for that much, and "refill to yesterday's totals" each round. Don't forget to adjust your price after you do so! And don't rely on the Mole - it's a waste of time.

Good luck! Hope this helps!

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Re:Any tips on beating tree level?

[Post New]by cariboo16 on Oct 19, 08 10:16 PM
my problem is the forecasts aren't high

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Re:Any tips on beating last level?

[Post New]by juliamadeane on Oct 19, 08 10:58 PM
I agree with Rina on most of what she said -- with the exception of the Mole. That one I thought was key for me. Also, there is one of the spells where you can refill during the day (it was the elephant with wings thingie). It is important to remember that you should have enough cash on hand that you can take the hit if you don't make as much profit. The pay-off comes the next day when you don't have to refill as much.

I love the Big Giant Baby!!!! It does work like a charm!!!

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Re:Any tips on beating last level?

[Post New]by Imansaray on Jul 9, 09 10:24 PM
What worked for me when I played this game is making sure that I don't owe anything to the loan shark and if i did, either the fairy godmother will pay back and I try not to borrow to much agin because she only pays him once. Have everything upgraded to the highest and to get the brainwashing ad. When you have that, you will have a long line and win. also if you want u can use the bomb spell to get even more. This works everytime for me.


Re:Any tips on beating last level?

[Post New]by suzanane03 on Sep 29, 09 12:06 PM
I'm on the last level and am having trouble with the peasants getting impatient and not waiting. I lost 9 peasants yesterday. I've already shut down everybody but Sneersworth and he's almost gone. I have all the updates possible (storefront, in-store entertainment, octopus potion maker.) I don't know what to do. I have the baby by Sneersworth's door, 3 other goons and non-stop infomercials going.
How do I keep my peasants from walking out because of the long waiting time? Thanks

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Re:Any tips on beating last level?

[Post New]by Pearly11 on May 20, 10 4:46 PM
Finished the last level tonight, yet again. (Have played the game several times over the last year and a bit.)

The last one drags on a little. Sneersworth is a pain to get rid off. The tactic that worked best for me is to improve my store, potion maker, entertainment to the maximum possible. Then the customers flog in and day by day Sneersworth is getting poorer and poorer.

In this level I don't think the increase of ones own networth is so important, but rather Sneersworth's cashflow decreasing. Therefore, I make sure I become filthy rich first and once the other two oponents have closed down I start to hire expensive goons. Sneersworth will feel obliged to do the same, which costs him as much as it costs me, but as I am filthy rich, it doesn't hurt me so much. Tried this tactic twice and it worked both times for me.

Rgds, Pearly11

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