Level 16 Railroad

[Post New]by terryann0329 on Sep 12, 09 11:09 AM
Hi. I blew thru all levels with Expert and no trouble. Don't know why but I lose this with only a day or two..I have rearranged alot to try and get expert but no luck. Thank you in advance for any walkthru you can give me....Thanks

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Re:Level 16 Railroad

[Post New]by Sante001 on Sep 12, 09 3:00 PM
I completed this last week so I hope that I can remember my strategy. This is one of the levels that you have to earn money quickly so that you can start the railroad. At extra fast speed, it takes 9-10 days. You need to assign 9-11 vans to reach this speed.
My general strategy was to bulild a high rise apartment and Pizzeria immediately to earn money to purchase both the railroad and needed vans. As you earn money, multi-task to acquire the money you need to upgrade HQs to 15 vans, purchase the railroad and assign 9-11 vans. Trick to constructing the railroad and others at future levels is to get the construction going asap so that you have the needed days to finish the construction.

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Re:Level 16 Railroad

[Post New]by terryann0329 on Sep 13, 09 7:23 AM
TY it worked

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