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[Post New]by MaryEl on Oct 1, 15 5:06 AM
Another "travel to another world thru portals". Maybe there should be a new category for BF games. Science Fiction. I always look forward to Thursday to see the new game offering. Not even going to download this one. However, I know there are probably lots of gamers out there who will like this one. If so, enjoy!

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[Post New]by gillydi53 on Oct 1, 15 7:36 AM
I'm with you on this one MaryEl . Desperate for a game which doesn't include monsters, labs, dreary basements and cellars

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[Post New]by Dudesmum on Oct 1, 15 9:43 AM
Hi Fishies

Well I hope that the other CE that's being released later this week cheers you up... I know I'm looking forward to it as I find Daily Magic games great and long game play for me....

I'm having a walk down through the other games leading up to this one which is:

Dark Dimensions 6: Shadow Pirouette

I'm just finishing up Homecoming whilst I download this latest Amaranthine Voyage game...

I am a huge fan of Eipix Entertainment games and I have all of them. The other day I watched the 'Making of' video that came with Amaranthine Voyage: The Tree Of Life Collector's Edition... Wow they were so different then with no room to spare there was printers in the bathroom etc... Look at them now...

I'm just hoping that they do justice to one of my all time favourites series Mystery Case Files 12: Key to Ravenhearst ... Yet other series they have been given to do... They did a good job IMO of the Dark Parables so fingers crossed .

Dudesmum aka Julie

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