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Extreme Levels 35 and 40

[Post New]by wxman77477 on Oct 1, 15 1:53 PM
These two levels are tough. Any suggestions?

Never mind, I got the last two levels.

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Re:Extreme Levels 35 and 40

[Post New]by peh4psu on Oct 2, 15 5:44 PM
How did you manage to get through Level 33?

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Re:Extreme Levels 35 and 40

[Post New]by jeepers7 on Oct 4, 15 2:52 PM
Having trouble getting thru level 40. Any suggestions?


Re:Extreme Levels 35 and 40

[Post New]by LadyBlueEyes5555 on Nov 3, 15 3:31 AM
Wxman77477, would you care to tell us how you got through these levels? Thanks in advance!

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Re:Extreme Levels 35 and 40

[Post New]by Aiwevanya on Dec 25, 15 5:31 AM
I found a method for level 40 that allowed me to finish comfortably in diamond/extreme time.

1. Before the level timer starts look for the hidden treasure sparkles and pick that up with your very first click (this helps on pretty much any level actually).

2. Immediately build two chapels on the furthest lots from the town hall (top and middle right), a villa on the nearest lot (top left) and a farm in the middle (just across the path from the sawmill the level starts with).

3. Buy 10 food and upgrade sawmill to 3 stars (later when food starts to run low buy more, you'll probably only have to do this once or twice).

4. Buy wood 600 at a time and build 3 more villas, working from left to right to minimise the distance the tax-men have to run to begin with.

5. Start buying wood 1000 at a time. The first time villagers get sick tear down the nearest chapel and put a doctors office in it's place (if you're unlucky they may have gotten ill during the previous step, but it seems more likely to happen now), otherwise focus on upgrading all your villas to 3 stars.

6. Continue buying wood 1000 at a time until you have 10,000. Load the train.

7. Keep feeding villagers, curing them when they get sick and collecting taxes until the train loading completes and enough happiness is collected.

I did this twice (the second time to check my method before posting this) and had time to spare both times but being very unlucky with sick villagers might slow down collection of money / shorten the time with two chapels enough to cause failure. I which case I would suggest just trying again and hoping for healthier villagers.

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