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Frustrated with the Locked Door

[Post New]by loftin on Sep 10, 08 3:51 PM
Has anyone passed the room with the door that has the ? - if so, you are very good with this game. I don't know where anything goes. DO THE RINGS GO IN THE BOWL ON THE LEFT? I can pick the rings up and drop them into the bowl, but what is to be done with the jewels? I can't get them to budge at all!! When I click the question mark on the door, I've turned the symbols/shapes in all different directions. Are three shapes to match - really frustrated with this game!!!!!!!!!! That's the best I can describe where I'm stuck. Appreciate any HELP!!!!!!!!


Re:Frustrated with the Locked Door

[Post New]by CheerfulDragon8 on Sep 20, 08 10:33 AM
You need to collect the rings and then the candles. Drop all of them in the bowl and a dagger will appear. Use it to free the idol. Then you can pick up the jewels. Each jewel is a special shape and can only go in one hole on the door. Once all the gems are in place, the door will open.

Hope this helps.

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