Achievement questions

[Post New]by AlaskaLady62 on Oct 2, 15 10:20 PM
I have played through the whole game, gotten all the mice in all 60 levels, unlocked everything, bought all the upgrades in every environment. My issues are these: for the full storage chest (choose every product in every environment at least once)... I'm missing ONE and I can't figure out what I could possibly have left off the menu! I've played through every level at least twice and gone back and changed my menu several times so I've chosen everything everywhere. Soooo frustrating!! Also, what does it mean (the princess dress) when it says "unlock and collect everything"? Will I get that once I get the last two trophies in Paige's room?

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Re:Achievement questions

[Post New]by maarja0 on Oct 24, 15 3:26 PM
I came here with the exact same problem - could this be a bug? I think you get the princess dress once you've gotten all the other trophies, so no luck until the other one is solved... Please let me know if you have found the answer in the meantime!

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