Level 71 help?

[Post New]by gamergirl68 on Sep 14, 09 11:27 PM
I'm stuck on level 71 - haven't even gotten silver yet. Has anyone managed to get gold here?


Re:Level 71 help?

[Post New]by gamergirl68 on Sep 14, 09 11:59 PM
nevermind - got it. I was just going about it all the wrong way

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Re:Level 71 help?

[Post New]by buvez_rose on Sep 15, 09 10:35 AM
dish! i can only get silver. buy a goat and then....???


Re:Level 71 help?

[Post New]by gamergirl68 on Sep 15, 09 10:03 PM
Highlight below to see how I managed it in 2:15

Note - the grass needs to last, so only click once at a time, and only when the goat is telling you he's hungry. At most, only fill up the well once (I'm pretty sure I got through without filling it up at all)

buy a goat
pick up his horn, process it through the first two factories (click on them quickly to hurry the processing up), then sell it
while the car's away, pick up the next horn and process it (don't sell it)
when the car returns, upgrade the car twice, the warehouse twice, and the chopper once
send the chopper to buy 5 jars of varnish, one egg and one flour (I only needed 3 jars of varnish, but if you spend a lot of money on water you might need an extra one, and don't want to wait for the chopper again)
while the chopper's away, process another horn
when the chopper returns, you'll have 2 horns waiting to turn into decorations - do them both at once

wait until you get one more horn from the goat, and send it to the first factory
sell the goat and the two decorations, and if you've caught any leopards, sell as many as you can fit in the truck
when the truck returns, send the chopper for one curds and one feathers, and sell any remaining leopards
buy the egg powder factory and process the egg all the way through to the pink cake
process the horn all the way through to the decoration
buy the fancy cake factory

when the chopper returns collect the goods and make your fancy cake, clicking on the factory to speed it up

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