Game will not open

[Post New]by mazzabam on Oct 4, 15 1:51 AM
The game suddenly stopped opening a few days ago. I have sent a felix report to Big Fish and had absolutely no response. Has anyone else had this problem? I have tried uninstalling but that didn't help. It says that DEP is preventing my game opening to prevent damage to my computer. I am getting so fed up with Big Fish and their "so called" free games


Re:Game will not open

[Post New]by SucaDono on Oct 7, 15 12:30 PM
I have the same problem. The game does not open since two weeks ago. I tried reinstalling it, but I got nothing. I imagine that it is not working anymore since they announced there will be no more updates. It is sad!

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Re:Game will not open

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Oct 8, 15 12:07 PM
Hi mazzabam and SucaDono,

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with this particular game.

mazzabam, it looks like you received automated responses. Please reply directly to the emails you receive so that a Customer Support representative can provide a more personalized response.

In regards to the crash issues that you both are experiencing, please look at the following help article for hints:

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

If the crash issues are still appearing, the Technical Support Team can definitely help to look into this for you.

Technical issues that players are recently experiencing isn't related to this game no longer being updated. For more information regarding the announcement, click on the link below:

An Important Announcement Regarding Agency 33 - August 18, 2015

It is true that since we are no longer updating this game, this also means that the developers will no longer be issuing any fixes that would normally be made in updates. Since players are experiencing issues with crashing just recently, please contact our Technical Support Team if you would like to troubleshoot.

Since this is a technical issue, moving forward we ask that they be placed in the following designated thread:

Post your Agency 33 Technical Issues Here Only!

Thank you for your understanding as I will go ahead and lock this thread. Feel free to PM any of the moderators if you have any questions.


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