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Build-a-lot 2: Bonus Levels Maple Creek and Summerville

[Post New]by jorob716 on Sep 17, 09 2:09 AM
I know this is an older game but I reloaded it as I had finished all the Build-a-lots with all blue ribbons and decided I had not had enough of Build-a-lot and would go back and try to get blue ribbons on all levels in this version. I've accomplished that except for Maple Creek and Summerville. I have figured out what I need to do to get what they are asking for, I just don't know what I need to build to get started. I've tried all types of things and nothing is working. Everything is taking too long so by the time I get to what I need to do my time is out to reach the expert level. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help from anyone!!!

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Re:Build-a-lot 2: Bonus Levels Maple Creek and Summerville

[Post New]by m5dbug on Jan 25, 10 10:19 PM
maple creek is your tutorial, skip it! summerville is easier than you think so stop overthinking it. it's easy to loose track of time because you have so much you can do with such a small village.
don't loose track of time. give her most of what she wants quickly then if you have time to upgrade do so by purposely holding back the easiet project.
then do the project before the half way mark. it's the half way mark how you get your gold stars not the end.

good luck

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