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Friends of Lady Diana

[Post New]by KimcW on Oct 5, 15 6:01 AM
Need to let you know my game has reverted back to level 1. I was at level 65, over 1,139,000 coins nearly 1500 diamonds. Almost all acheivements, 10-12 pets, mega inventory. Just playing, gifting and waiting for new content patiently. I no longer have a name. Just player. Cannot gift, have 500 coins, no diamonds or inventory or pets. Have sent for help from customer service - 6th day and counting. Swiped up to leave game and backed up. When returned all gone!

Am hoping they can fix but not sure if they can and not sure I can start all over. Has this happened to any of you and we're they able to fix it?
In the mean time I cannot gift. Please know that I want to & will definitely resume if they can fix my game. Miss ya! Lady Di.

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Re:Friends of Lady Diana

[Post New]by SirMarcus on Oct 5, 15 6:59 AM
I share your pain. I was on level 64 and my iPad went crazy and had to do a clean reset, lost everything in MC and contacted tech support. I got to think they can't be bothered after 10 days (and upto level 10 while I was waiting) but, after resending my original email I got a reply from Michael in Seattle. He has been very helpful and has managed to transfer my old data to the new game and as it had also changed a lot of graphics and places I thought getting back to level 64 would be great to enjoy all the new stuff.

One other problem I've been having since first starting the game was making purchases. I lost count how many times the game crashed after it said the purchase was successful and I had to delete and reinstall the game but no purchases was showing.... For the lower amounts i.e. $0.99 (£0.79) Apple refunded the purchases but for the larger amounts of say £13.99 they (Apple) told me to contact the game tech support. I just got passed from BF to Apple saying it was the others problem which really peed me off as I wasn't getting my money back.. Well, Michael told me one problem it could be and I hope this can help others who have had the same problems...

Follow this...

For the most part, I see purchase failures happen on iPad's due to connection issues. Basically, when you purchase, the following happens:

1 - You add a purchase to the shopping cart.
2 - You confirm you want to purchase.
3 - You enter your Apple ID and password. For all intents and purposes, you are now in Apple's billing system, though you may still see your game.
4 - That info gets sent to Apple's billing system. It confirms your billing information, takes payment.
5 - The billing system sends info back to the game (in your case, Midnight Castle).
6 - The game receives confirmation that Apple has successfully billed for the purchase.
7 - Now that the purchase has been confirmed, the game adds that information.

In purchase failures that repeatedly happen, Apple cannot send the successfully billing information back to the game. To the game, the purchase has never happened. Because we rely on Apple's billing system for all purchases, we cannot see or know when a purchase failure happens.

I've not tried this yet but I will...

1) Go to your Router that's broadcasting your WiFi signal. Make sure your iPad is completely connected to WiFi and not a 3G/4G/LTE data plan connection.

2) Reset the router by unplugging it and waiting five minutes to replug. Your connection will temporarily go down.

3) Once your connection comes back up, restart your iPad completely - just hold down the power button until the option appears.

4) Open Midnight Castle with the iPad directly over the router - this will ensure that distance will not strain or weaken the connection.


Re:Friends of Lady Diana

[Post New]by Catlover612 on Oct 5, 15 11:59 AM
Hi Lady Diana
I am (was) one of your friends and I definitely noticed you had disappeared from my friend list. I didn't know why you had left, and I feel bad for you, losing all that work.
I hope you get everything straightened out and get it all back soon and come back to the game.
You are missed!

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