Farm Frenzy 3

[Post New]by secrect on Sep 17, 09 11:18 AM
I am trying to get to level 19. What do I need to do proceed? I have tried to check on the help command and there is not any advance level.

Thank you


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[Post New]by secrect on Sep 17, 09 11:33 AM
Help for level 19! and Thank you


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[Post New]by gamergirl68 on Sep 17, 09 3:23 PM
Level 19 is on a different farm. Check in the bottom left corner - there should be a blue dot there begging to be clicked on


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[Post New]by Unipeg99 on Sep 28, 09 9:23 AM
I am on level 19. I need help I am not finding the cotton for the spinnery! Can anyone tell me where and how to get the cotton?


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[Post New]by jdamita on Oct 13, 09 6:49 PM
I am also having problems with the cotton for the spinnery, has anyone found a solution yet or have I wasted my money on this game?

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[Post New]by jorob716 on Oct 18, 09 2:48 AM
I have finished all levels in gold except for this one. I've tried every strategy I can imagine and still am about 2 - 9 seconds over the gold. Can anyone help me?

Thanks so much!!! I'm ready to uninstall but would be fun to finish the game completely as I have been working on it for almost a month off and on.

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Re:Farm Frenzy 3

[Post New]by shadowsong on Jan 16, 10 9:22 PM
You have to buy a yak to get wool. On each different farm, a different animal supplies wool or eggs or feathers. The $100 animal always lays eggs, the $1000 animal gives you wool (sheep, yak or llama) or feathers and the $10000 animal gives you milk or horns.

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Re:Farm Frenzy 3

[Post New]by Minuet888 on Nov 28, 11 5:57 PM
there are still levels on the other farm that it won't let me play how do I get to play those levels?

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