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Trnslating the "Chicagoan" in the game

[Post New]by ecblisa on Sep 17, 09 1:11 PM
As someone who is fluent in German and has studied Russian, I sort of enjoy translating the English of the Eastern European game developers (bless their capitalistic souls!). Here are a few from this game:

The round one is completed: Maybe we could try -- "the first round is completed"?

Lisa has formed a band: Judging by the graphics, that's the kind of "band" Robin Hood would have formed. In Chicago, we call that a gang or a criminal organization!

Would you like? (on the card showing the girl in a teddy assuming a suggestive position): How about -- Hey honey, want some?

And my favorite: Advertisement: You have finished the level! In both German and Russian, the word for "notice" or "announcement" is also used for "advertisement." So can we blame them for advertising rather than announcing our victories?

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