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Wanted to like this game, but.....

[Post New]by Badgerrrt on Sep 18, 09 1:16 PM
I love animals and nature, so when I saw 'National Geographic' I felt assured.
The overall scenes were dark and seemed uninteresting, the objects to find were drab and boring and hard to see. The taking pictures of the wildlife was a nice feature (informative and educational) but even they were hard to find .The "random clicking will not help" reprimand that would flash on the screen after only two wrong clicks I found to be very annoying. I didnt like the 'radar' hint " item -finding feature - it went around too fast and quickly would disappear.I never saw any people on the scenes (at least through the 60 minute trial)- I like to see people or at least a face! I rate this 4 out of 10. I was disappointed and will not purchase it.

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