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[Post New]by aussie_Dot on Dec 9, 16 9:46 PM
Hi Andromeda0809.

The red icon means that the player has not been into their game for 7 days or more. The player is inactive. There are many reasons to be inactive. Most common are the player is away (with little to no internet connection); player is busy in real life; game has a glitch.

The green icon means the player has been active in their game within the last 7 days.

Hope this helps.



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[Post New]by Cupcks on Dec 10, 16 3:39 AM
I am a active player. Id number is a762706, anyone can add me. I was a level 41 before my iPad died. Had to start all over again on my new tablet. Gave up on trying to connect to Facebook on my tablet!


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[Post New]by Lov3y16 on Dec 10, 16 12:57 PM
I am a daily player who will give gifts every day.



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[Post New]by Andromeda0809 on Dec 10, 16 5:53 PM
Thank you Aussie_Dot, I have often wonder what it meant and I am sure others have too
If anyone want to add me my friend code is a715265


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[Post New]by Canada_Goose2016 on Dec 12, 16 3:42 PM
Hello Friends!

I am back in the game thanks to a game restore from tech support. My game name is Christabel. My original ID was a440845. My current ID is a555010. Hello again to my old friends and welcome new friends!


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[Post New]by Marmotology58 on Dec 13, 16 11:22 AM
You can add me too. Had some game issues and lost my friends.
My friend code is a395175.
Daily player also.


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[Post New]by KAELYNN1 on Dec 14, 16 8:27 PM
Hi everyone,
I've been playing MC a little over a year, however I'm new to the forum. I've been reading a lot of post but I think this is my second. I just read a post that someone could send 15 gifts a day.i have only been able to send 3 a day. I'm on level 22. Does that number increase with the higher levels?

That being ask. I have had limited friends since I've been playing. Had to let a few of that small number go because they never gifted in return. I just sent out friend request to a number of you. I try to play regularly, even to addiction status but sometimes life gets in the way. Whenever I play, I always gift my friends even though I can only do 3 a day, I would spread the wealth amongst new friend. Enjoy your playing.

Game Name - Kay
ID - a591847

Thanks to all who responded to my friend request. I now have over 30 friends. This is probably more than I can handle because I can only gift 5 times a day. I have been return gifting those who have gifted me.

However anyone that I have accepted have received presents under the tree from me. It's great getting gifts and presents just when you need them most. I was able to get 2 pets I really wanted and moved 2 levels. Shout out to Raven, RBs Mom, and Deb, who have gifted me the most.

Happy Holidays everyone, and Happy gaming!!!!

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[Post New]by trixiebellekitty on Dec 18, 16 10:18 AM
Have 44 friends, I play on a kindle fire, but most are not opening their Christmas rooms even though they show active,
Friends please! I play daily & want to gift.
Brenda. a 117779

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[Post New]by Cambio48 on Dec 19, 16 2:42 PM
you can add me for friends and I will accept any request

Happy Holidays

Thank you!


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[Post New]by TishATX on Dec 20, 16 2:59 PM
Also looking for friends ...




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[Post New]by BoomchuckPxyNiki on Dec 21, 16 4:04 PM
Sadly, my beloved beast of a gaming PC has decided it no longer wants to work (thank you motherboard that costs too much to replace), so I have had to start over on Android. While I do appreciate being able to access MC from anywhere with WiFi, I am brokenhearted over a year a half of progress and list of nearly 100 friends.

Please, add me! I don't have much to gift yet, but I will be there soon!

A784592 is my new code.

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[Post New]by Oredraven on Dec 26, 16 9:19 AM
Hi all -

[Player # removed. Lots of lovely new friends, but I can't take any more and gift at all regularly. Thanks much everyone and Happy Holidays.

Could use a few new friends for Christmas season and beyond.

Thanks much & merry Christmas - O

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[Post New]by Bren1957 on Dec 26, 16 12:29 PM
a579189. Looking for friends


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[Post New]by hooksgt4040 on Jan 4, 17 6:57 AM
Just got a tablet for Christmas and looking to experience the castle from scratch again. I gift active players and do my best to help out the single item wish list person because I know you are in dire need of that item.



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[Post New]by TishATX on Jan 6, 17 7:42 PM
hooksgt4040 wrote:Just got a tablet for Christmas and looking to experience the castle from scratch again. I gift active players and do my best to help out the single item wish list person because I know you are in dire need of that item.


Hey Benjamin!

I have you on my friends but I am unable to put a gift on your tree. If I select your avatar I get the "please wait...." then the game crashes or I get a box saying you are on a different version of the game".

Are you receiving gifts from others?

Tish (a737297)

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[Post New]by Juderbug on Jan 7, 17 12:33 PM
Hello my fellow Android folks, after going through this forum have replied to several friend requests with very few replies. If anyone is still interested my ID is a754130. Since I'm addicted to this game play several times a day am disabled so keeps my mind busy. Have no problem gifting. Other under the trees and in the friends section. However, if after some time with nothing in return I do drop those who don't return the favor, this is a give and take game.
Happy gaming and good luck to all
Want to thank those who've responded, just wanted to add that if I don't have what you need always check under your tree. I do this every morning.

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[Post New]by UP_Mom on Jan 8, 17 6:29 PM
New to the game. Need friends, please. My friend code is a792281. Thanks

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[Post New]by marytee56 on Jan 9, 17 1:33 AM
Hi I need friends to help with the castle challenges ,my old id was a154540 my new Id is a825420, I lost all my friends because I had to re install game, if you refriend me I will gift what I can back to you.....marytee56 x

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[Post New]by flutterby47 on Jan 9, 17 1:13 PM
I am looking for friends on Midnight Castle my (I'D) is a217303 I am at level 74

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[Post New]by LaQueen65 on Jan 10, 17 6:45 PM
My friend code is a756466.

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