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level 68 - elven mist 2

[Post New]by tootbug on Sep 19, 09 12:25 PM
could someone please help me get out of level 68 with the little snails. i am stuck and cannot get out. i've tried and tried. please any suggestions would be appreciated.


Re:level 68 - elven mist 2

[Post New]by frenchy1947 on Dec 4, 09 4:00 PM
did u ever get past level 68????


Re:level 68 - elven mist 2

[Post New]by ms_bus_driver on Sep 26, 10 10:47 AM
you have to explode the blocks nearest the center 1st. make sure you hit one of the squares that turn the solid blocks to a color. once you do that, then use the wand that comes up to make them disappear. that will open up a larger area for you to work with. Hope this helps.

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