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Heello, I was wondering.. there is another game like this one? I mean, with love, and that kind of stuff thanks!


Re:Hii - Similar Games

[Post New]by hanakogames on Sep 23, 09 2:06 PM
As far as I know, there are no other games exactly like this one, with the combination of romance, multiple endings, and puzzles.

Some games that you might find interesting, though:

Heileen (PC) is a multiple-ending visual novel with romantic elements. The first game had only three endings but there's a sequel coming out soon with many more.

Bionic Heart (PC) is a multiple-ending visual novel with some romantic elements, but you play a guy in that one. There are no real puzzles but there are a lot of different choices to make to try and solve the mystery.

Yo-Jin-Bo (PC) is a *long* multiple-ending visual novel with romantic elements. It has voice acting, but the voice acting is in Japanese. The game is in English though. It's got a wacky sense of humor, the characters are constantly making jokes about pop culture.

You can find these at hanakogames, as well as a few titles that are still in production: Cute Knight Kingdom (which has more marriage options than the original game) and Date Warp, which is a romantic visual novel with multiple endings but instead of different puzzles all the time there are different levels of the same minigame.

If you have a nintendo DS, there's also:

Time Hollow (DS) is a visual novel with puzzles, but there's only one ending. Same for the Phoenix Wright games.

Princess Debut (DS) has multiple endings and a strong romance element (there's five or six different princes you can date, maybe more, I forget) but instead of puzzles there's a dancing minigame.

Lux Pain (DS) is possibly a visual novel with puzzles and multiple endings but I haven't played it.



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You mean Otome games? Their great!
I know some like:
Dual Love: You play a female protagonist who befriends the male members of the boxing club. You can cheer for them during matches, assist them training, ...peek at them in the shower etc.
It can involve adult scenes, so it's 15+
DS, Japan only, I think

Hiiro no kakera: You play another female protagonist here, and I'm afraid I don't have more info on it, sorry...

Hoped I help some?

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