end of family

[Post New]by sandeesland on Sep 21, 09 5:14 PM
what happened to me sucked! even with the fertility boost my family never had a child. After the man died the woman remarried, still no child. I guess she was too old to have kids. Another family before I could chose a new generation, he remarried and he and she were too old to have kids. No little knock at the door so we could adopt. Now I have 2 wiped out families after 20 generations. What is up with that??????

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Re:end of family

[Post New]by kirashilo on Sep 21, 09 11:06 PM
I'm right there with ya , I spent all day trying to get my couple to have a baby ,gave them the boost, vitamins ,perfume , energy drink, would have got a bottle of wine and got her drunk if I could have . No baby no knock and now all that cash and stuff and all the hard work down the tubes this is a really rotten part of the game after 19 generations nothing I'm also PO'd.....Kira

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Re:end of family

[Post New]by F3rris00 on Sep 22, 09 12:05 AM
poor you

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Re:end of family

[Post New]by jorob716 on Oct 1, 09 8:20 PM
Kira, same thing has happened to me several times. The most frustrating was the latest, 15th generation, $421,000,000 plus dollars, the life of a king and queen and they just acted like they could care less about kids and one was a definite on children and the other was a maybe. I tried everything, feeding, showers, perfumes, baby boost to each, elated attitude, nothing worked. Lost several months of working on the family to get them where they were. Very disappointing and frustrating.

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Re:end of family

[Post New]by aliah1 on Oct 2, 09 8:12 PM
I caught this bit of information that I found helpful
In finding a mate for our people it reads as follows

The get more proposals follow these instructions
Exactly they work

While the e-mail window is open with the proposal showing

Click on, “ctrl+alt+delete”
The taskmaster will come up select your game “VF”
And then click on the taskmaster
Select “end task”
Then a windows error will come up in a small window
Click “ok”
Then windows will say, “looking for error”
click, “cancel”
then close all the windows
and start VF’s again,
At this point you should get another proposal.
Works for a new baby too, if you don’t like the one you get use the ctrl+alt+delete
Just be sure you save the game before trying for a new baby. Or trying for a baby
Also works for New generation sometimes the professions they show are in the toilet
So follow the instructions for proposals but always save the game first

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Re:end of family

[Post New]by ArleneM on Oct 6, 09 10:51 PM
When mine wouldn't have a baby, well, I'm only up to the first generation, I started the game over again until one couple did. And I only tried the Baby Boost when the doctor prescribed it.


Re:end of family

[Post New]by Malteaza on Oct 9, 09 7:38 AM
well i dont seem to be havin all hese problems just yet.. am sure they will come to me soon as i have all the family boxes your alowed bar 1.. am saving it just incase... lol. anyway the ony problem i'm having is with trying to get triplets.. have a few sets of twins but not 1 set of triplets.. any tips for that?

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Re:end of family

[Post New]by virtualgrl9537 on Oct 13, 09 4:35 PM
i've been playing this game for awhile, too, and i've always been able to have kids.
try what it says in the forum "HAVE A BABY 95% OF THE TIME". it helps!

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Re:end of family

[Post New]by kore21 on Oct 13, 09 5:18 PM
i would definitely use the cntrl alt delete thing to get a baby after age 40. too sad having a family go down the tubes.

i sympathize, restarted all my families on a new PC. & i only needed 1 more on all my collections


Re:end of family

[Post New]by msnewzealand on Oct 14, 09 6:14 AM
You can have 5 families going at the same time, by making a new 'player' on the menu screen. I have had good luck with most families - I am at generation 5-6 with between 30k and 200k on each one.

So far none of mine have ended with no kids, but I do notice that the more generations you have the harder it is to get them to have kids! But at least if one does end you have others to still play with

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