Gate in the Garden

[Post New]by CherylParker on Oct 10, 15 5:42 PM
When you put in the 2 dove medallions for the gate it says arrange the doves so they match the solution in your journal. I don't have it in my journal. Where do you get the clue? I looked in the SG and I couldn't find it in there either. I mean the solution is there. Just not the clue for the dove mini-game.

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Re:Gate in the Garden

[Post New]by okieblueeyes on Oct 19, 15 6:11 PM
I can't find the clue either and I've gone back through every room and searched all through the SG. I can't find it and it won't let me skip the puzzle either. I can't go any further in the game. Can anyone help us out? TIA!

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Re:Gate in the Garden

[Post New]by suzmcmike on Oct 29, 15 6:55 PM
I am having this problem as well. Can anyone help?

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